Fluttershy Back

Just a page to keep track of which ponies I have! These aren't my pictures, I might replace them with my own pictures at some point, but I'm not great at styling pony hair yet so some of them are kind of wonky looking rn... I started collecting ponies in the summer of 2023. I don't really have a wishlist of any kind. If I like a pony and it's for a reasonable price, it joins my collection :3

Generation 1

Snuzzle Minty Polaris So Soft Heart Throb Firefly Plush

Generation 2

Her Majesty Flower

Generation 3

Toola-Roola Fluttershy Daffidazey

Generation 3.5

Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash McDonald's Happy Meal


Rainbow Dash Toola-Roola Cheerilee Scootaloo

Generation 4

Twilight Sparkle Princess Celestia Twilight Sparkle Plush Rarity Plush

Generation 5

Sunny Starscout Pipp Petals Izzy Moonbow
Princess Cadence Pinkie Pie I love MLP Starcatcher 80s My Little Pony Mane 6 Derpy Rainbow Dash MLP Artist Fluttershy